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SpotOn Alarm is an app that lets you use any song from Spotify as an alarm on your Android device. Create as many alarms as you like, each with a song or a playlist from your Spotify account.

As you might expect, you do need a Spotify Premium account to be able to use SpotOn Alarm. That's the only way you can pick the tracks you want. In the options you can also set whether you want the device to vibrate and if you want the music to start sounding very quietly and get progressively louder.

As you'd expect in an app of this kind, with SpotOn Alarm you can create as many alarms as needed, choose which days you want each one to sound, and even create tags to keep all your alarms organized.

SpotOn Alarm is an excellent alarm app for Android, that makes sure you enjoy your favorite music every time you wake up.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher